A Word About Preserving Our History...

Many people today live in a 'cocoon,' often separated from the natural world. Children might not even realize that milk comes from a cow and not a carton, or that there once was a time before television, computers and iPods.

Butch's stories help us all realize that it really wasn't that long ago that the Florida, the world in fact, that we know today, was a very different place to live.

It is our hope that by publishing this DVD we will help people, especially children, have a better understanding and appreciation for those that came before.

Butch Harrison



Take A Trip Back In Time With An Authentic Florida Cracker Storyteller

Yes, You Can Arrange A Personal Presentation

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Today, Butch is widely known across Florida as the man who can take groups of retirees, kids, tourists and anybody else back in time to a land that really doesn’t exist anymore. His colorful stories about Cracker Florida can be heard at schools, civic groups, folk festivals, banquets, libraries and other venues; or, in his words, "Wherever I can get a group of people who want to hear about the real Florida."

Butch is availble for bookings and has told stories at the following venues:

* Environmental Meetings
* Festivals
* Nature Centers
* Schools
* Workshops
* Conferences
* Libraries

Click here, then scroll to the bottom of the page to see how highly the Florida Department of State's Arts On Tour program thinks of Butch Harrison.

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If you would like to speak with Butch about arranging a presentation for your school, library or organization, you can reach him here:

Butch Harrison
12922 Garrison Road
Live Oak, Florida 32060
(386) 362-4870

Email Butch at butch@butchharrison.com

Butch is ready to go anywhere, at any time, to tell stories about the "Old Florida." Call him today to arrange a presentation to your group.

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