Florida Cracker Storyteller

Click above to view a 9-minute sample. You can order the DVD here ($19.95) or watch the complete 58-minute program online now – just click here. ($5.95) The DVD includes extra stories.

The Vanishing World of a Florida Cracker Captured On DVD 

The heart-warming DVD contains 58-minutes of Butch Harrison, a “true Florida Cracker,” sharing his tales about a Florida that doesn’t exist any more.

The first section, titled “Cracker Life,” was filmed at a Florida pioneer homestead at Florida Capital State Park in Perry, Florida. It provides a rich introduction to early settler life. An authentic settler house and outbuildings provide the perfect background as Butch demonstrates how and why settlers built the typical “Cracker House,” what they ate and how they lived. This will be enjoyed by all ages and is particularly popular in schools teaching about this era of Florida history.

You’ll learn about things like:

  • Why were pioneer houses built above the ground?
  • Why did they spread sand around the house?
  • Why was the kitchen separate from the house?
  • How did they use skins and hides as money?
  • Why did they build houses with a breezeway?
  • How did they keep mosquitos away?
  • And the outhouse? Of course he talks about that, too.

And much, much more, told in Butch Harrison’s unique “old Cracker” way.

In the second section, titled “Tales From A Gladesman,” Butch tells tales of his life as a guide and gladesman in the Everglades. These are colorful stories of frogs, fish and alligators in the world that was Butch’s playground, a world that is increasingly threatened today. Are all of Butch’s colorful stories true? You bet they are!

Finally, there is a bonus story of Butch’s shenanigans as a young boy; you’ll have to watch the DVD to find out about that one.

This DVD should be in every Florida library and in the homes of anyone who loves to hear a storyteller at his best.

Private (Home Use) DVD $19.95

Public Performance Rights DVD $75.00

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Nobody can tell a tale like Butch Harrison!

Butch Harrison probably knew the true history of Florida better than anyone alive today. In his DVD, Butch Harrison Florida Cracker Storyteller, Butch educates and entertains with colorful stories authentically depicting Florida’s earliest pioneers, and how they lived, survived and settled in Florida’s sometimes harsh environment. Viewers of the DVD are also treated to a glimpse of Butch’s own Florida adventures and his exciting life as a guide in the Florida Everglades.

Butch Harrison was an original. He was a true Florida Cracker, and was very proud of his heritage, and of Florida’s remarkable and unique history. This is obvious to anyone who had the pleasure of listening to Butch speak in person. However, since Butch is no longer with us, then the Butch Harrison Florida Cracker Storyteller DVD is the next best thing.

Butch is a master story-teller, and the Butch Harrison Florida Cracker Storyteller DVD is well produced, educational, entertaining, and just plain good-old fun. Sit back and enjoy, and experience the stories of the real Florida, the only way they should be told – by a real Florida Cracker.”

~Bobby Cornwell, President, Florida Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds